Monthly Archives: June 2015

Our RNA Circuitry Modeling Paper is Out!

Our paper on Generating effective models and parameters for RNA genetic circuits is out in ACS Synthetic Biology. In this paper, Chelsea developed a simplified ODE model to model the dynamics of RNA genetic circuits. These ‘effective’ models essentially course grain a lot of the biochemical details of gene expression […]

Our TX-TL Methods Paper is Out!

We were recently invited to prepare a paper for the journal Methods about using cell-free transcription-translation reactions (TX-TL) to characterize genetic circuits.¬†We immediately joined forces with Vincent Noireaux’s and Richard Murray’s groups and had a lot of fun putting this together! What started out as a brief intro to the […]

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Congratulations Rebecca, Melissa, Misha, Tim, Ray and Sitara (not pictured)! Melissa is our first Dr. from the group, and will be joining Jim Collin’s lab at MIT in the Fall as a post-doctoral researcher. Also staying on the East Coast, Misha will be headed to join a consulting firm in […]