Yearly Archives: 2016

Congratulations to Dr. David Loughrey on passing his defense!

Congratulations to Dr. Loughrey on successfully defending his PhD work! David joined the Lucks lab after completing his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at University College Dublin and has been instrumental in helping the lab develop next generation techniques for RNA structure determination. Check out David’s publication on SHAPE-Seq 2.0 here! […]

Benchling minisite details the use of STARs for transcriptional control.

  Julius and James recently shared with Benchling, a life science data management and collaboration platform, the conceptual design and implementation of small transcription activating RNAs (STARs). The minisite details how terminator structures in biology are used to halt transcription and how they can be cleverly reconfigured to attenuate or activate […]

The Lucks Lab and Northwestern featured prominently at the EBRC fall retreat!

Julius and Khalid recently attended the inaugural retreat of the Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) held at Caltech. EBRC ( aims to be the leading organization in the field of synthetic biology, showcasing cutting-edge research, identifying and addressing global challenges in the field, and building an inclusive community of students, […]

STARs Win Best New Basic Part Award at iGEM 2016 Competition!

Congratulations to the iGEM team at Imperial College who managed to win the Grand Prize at this years iGEM competition for their “ecolibrium” project that we recently featured on our website. @imperialigem wins the Grand Prize at #iGEM2016 #GiantJamboree! Congratulations! You guys are some real STARs! — The Lucks […]

SHAPE-Seq reactivity matrix

Our paper on Cotranscriptional SHAPE-Seq is published!

Kyle, Eric, and Angela’s paper “Cotranscriptional Folding of a Riboswitch at Nucleotide Resolution” is online in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology and a featured news story through Northwestern. With the development of cotranscriptional SHAPE-seq, this paper marks a milestone in RNA biology as the first strategy for the measurement of nascent RNA […]

Imperial iGEM team uses STARs!

Congratulations to the Imperial College London 2016 iGEM team for using Small Transcription Activating RNAs (STARs) regulators in their project – ecolibrium! Their project looks at developing a framework and new tools for engineering co-cultures of bacteria. We’re honored that they choose to use STARs and the power of RNA […]

The Lucks Lab moves to Northwestern University

The entire Lucks Lab for RNA Engineering has recently moved to Northwestern University! The lab joins the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering in the McCormick School of Engineering and joins Danielle Tullman Ercek’s group as the newest members of Northwestern’s Center for Synthetic Biology, which aims to program biological […]

Khalid K. Alam joins as a postdoctoral fellow!

  The Lucks Lab for RNA Engineering is excited to announce that Khalid K. Alam has joined the lab as the newest postdoctoral fellow! Khalid recently completed his PhD work on aptamer evolution and engineering from the Burke Lab at the University of Missouri, and supplements the Lucks Lab’s expertise […]

Our 11th Paper is Published with Trello!

Anyone that has spent any time with us knows how much we love Trello. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a lightweight team management tool that we use throughout the lab – from writing papers and grants, to managing lab orders and our lab safety system. We’ve even […]

Kyle Wins Austin Hooey Graduate Award

Kyle is the recipient of an Austin Hooey Graduate Award. The Hooey award is the highest honor that CBE bestows on graduate students, and recognizes those students who have demonstrated the highest research quality and productivity, and who have demonstrated a track record of service to their research group, department, and community. […]

Spats v1.0 is released!

Spats v1.0.0 is an update to the Spats pipeline for processing Next-Generation Sequencing Reads as part of SHAPE-Seq experiments. The major difference between v0.8.0 and v1.0.0 is the migration to the cutadapt utility for removing adapter sequences from the fastxtoolkit. This release still relies on fastx_revcomp, but the code is structured […]

Our methods paper on SHAPE-Seq v2.1 is out!

Kyle, Angela, Eric and Alex’s paper “Characterizing RNA structures in vitro and in vivo with selective 2′-hydroxyl acylation analyzed by primer extension sequencing (SHAPE-Seq)” is out in Methods! This is a very comprehensive manuscript, outlining the necessary background for understanding chemical probing of RNA structure – from the experiments that can […]

Our review on RNA Systems Biology is out!

Eric, Kyle and David’s review “RNA systems biology: uniting functional discoveries and structural tools to understand global roles of RNAs” is out in Current Opinion in Biotechnology! In this review, we outline the case that the time is right for a systems-level study of RNA structure and function – partly […]

Cameron’s review on engineered protein machines is out!

Cameron’s review “Engineered Protein Machines: Emergent Tools for Synthetic Biology” is out in the inaugural edition of Cell Chemical Biology! This is a great summary of recent work in synthetic biology to make ‘orthogonal’ versions of core cellular protein machines – from polymerases all the way to ribosomes. By acting […]