SynBio Course

Want to learn more about Synthetic Biology?



Check out the Cold Spring Harbor Synthetic Biology Summer Course!

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has hosted summer courses and conferences on important topics of biology for over 65 years. Notable past courses include Max Delbruck’s original phage course, which helped crystallize the field of molecular biology, and led to several Nobel Prizes for key discoveries in that area.

Lucks is joined by Professors Karmella Haynes  (Arizona State)Pamela Peralta-Yahya (GA Tech), Mary Dunlop (U Vermont), John Dueber (UC Berkeley) and Stanley Qi (Stanford) in leading the course. The course, for sixteen select students from around the world, lasts for two weeks and consisted of intensive laboratory experiments consisting of real research projects from each of the labs, and talks from world class synthetic biology researchers. Additional time spent by the speakers in the laboratory offered an informal and intellectually engaging experience for the students and speakers.

The course is meant for people from all ranges of training and backgrounds and takes place July 27 – August 11, 2014. More information here. Applications deadline April 15!