Check out these videos featuring some of our work!

Watch how ligand binding in a riboswitch affects the cotranscriptional folding pathway as published in Nucleic Acid Research with the distinction of one of their Breakthrough Articles

Cheng, L., White, E. N., Brandt, N. L., Angela, M. Y., Chen, A. A., & Lucks, J. B. (2021). Cotranscriptional RNA strand exchange underlies the gene regulation mechanism in a purine-sensing transcriptional riboswitch. bioRxiv.

Introducing R2D2 (Reconstructing RNA Dynamics from Data) – a new tool to make movies of cotranscriptional RNA folding pathways published in Molecular Cell

Lucks lab graduate student Luyi Cheng explains RNA biosensors called riboswitches through Northwesterns’s Research Communications Training Program

Lucks lab graduate student Luyi Cheng moderates a discussion between Julius and Professor Sera Young at the 2020 AAAS Conference on ‘Managing Water: New Tools for Sustainable Development

Planet forward talks to Lucks Lab graduate student Matt Verosloff and Julius about developing PLANT-Dx – a low-cost plant pathogen diagnostic to help farmers in resource-poor areas

Lucks Lab video from molly on Vimeo.

Northwestern’s artist-at-large program brings in Dario Robleto to grapple with issues of scientific ethics and communication with Northwestern Center for Synthetic Biology faculty

Julius talks to the NIH about the lab’s quest to understand how RNA molecules fold and function inside cells and the tools they develop to study them

Julius talks to Chicago’s WGN news on developing at-home kits for faster water contaminant testing using cell free synthetic biology

Northwestern introduces the ROSALIND technology – a low-cost, rapid method for testing water quality using cell-free synthetic biology

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