Jay Park Wins Genentech Scheele Outstanding Junior Award!

Jay Park, a junior CBE major in the Lucks Lab has been chosen by Genentech to win the Scheele Outstanding Junior Award.

The award “recognizes a student who excels in scholarship, leadership, and campus activities, and is given to a student who “upon graduation will be a positive reflection of Cornell in the industrial Chemical Engineering workplace.”

First created by Dow Chemical in 1984, the award was renamed the George Scheele Outstanding Junior Award, in memory of Professor Scheele who passed away in 1993.  Professor Scheele spent his professional career on the chemical engineering faculty at Cornell, joining the faculty in 1961 and serving as Associate Director from 1983 until his untimely death.  George Scheele was Cornell chemical engineering’s link with undergraduates.  George gave freely of his time to meet with any student.  He was strict, but supportive and always fair.  He was active in the department until his death.

In 2006, Genentech took over the sponsorship of the award, reflecting the shift in the School’s emphasis towards biomolecular engineering, and destinations of its graduates.  Genentech remains a steadfast sponsor of the Award, as well as a strong supporter of the School, and a recruiter for our graduates.

Great work Jay!

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