Congratulations to Dr. Stanley Qi!


Stanley Qi recently graduated from UC Berkeley! I remember meeting Stanley in my first few days in the Arkin Lab, when neither of us knew the first thing about synthetic biology. I think it was our realization that through hard work and creativity we could just teach each other the ways of that wonderful RNA molecule. Those three and a half years were golden, and it was an honor to have worked so closely with you. Congratulations for hard work much deserved, and good luck in the future!

(A side note about the photo: Stanley and I each had a child (Calvin on the left, Stella on the right) during my time at UC Berkeley. We used to joke that the pT181 paper was taking so long that our kids would be born before it was published. Be careful what you joke about because sure enough Stella is having a good laugh at holding a copy of that paper. I’m holding the page with the orthogonality matrix, and Stanley is holding the page with the cascade. What a great paper.)

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