The Centrality of RNA for Engineering Gene Expression


Our review paper “The Centrality of RNA for Engineering Gene Expression” is out! The review covers the ethos of the lab, and has three main sections: an update of all the known natural and synthetic RNA-based regulatory mechanisms out there, an outline of computational RNA structure prediction tools and how they have facilitated RNA engineering, and a perspective of how next-generation sequencing technologies that perform cell-wide characterization of RNA properties will transform synthetic biology.

We covered a lot of ground, but it is meant to be a launching point for those uninitiated to the power of RNA, as well as have interesting new details for those already converted. We also designed Figure 2 to be able to be conveniently printed out and hung up on the wall as a one-stop shop for RNA-based mechanisms!

Congratulations to the whole lab – we all contributed to this review and it is one of the few papers where the entire lab is an author!

You can read the paper for free here –

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