Helen and Matt Graduate!




Congratulations to Helen and Matt for graduating in the Cornell Class of 2014!

Helen is off to apply her Chemical Engineering skills to the problems faced by wine production at the E. & J. Gallo Winery in Livingston, CA. In fact, her first job will be as a project engineer for a biotreatment product to develop an integrated wastewater treatment system to produce energy and convert pumice into fertilizer for growing grapes. Sustainable wine produced by Cornell ChemE’s tastes great!

Matt is headed off to join the CRISPR revolution at Caribou Biosciences. For those not in the know, CRISPRs are natural bacterial defense systems that combine the biophysics of protein binding, with the programmable specificity of RNA to protect bacteria against invading pathogens. It turns out that once de-coded, they work pretty simply under the hood – so simple it is literally causing a revolution in genome editing and genetic engineering.

Good luck Helen and Matt and make sure to remember to visit us before, and after you are famous!

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