Another Great Year at CSHL SynBio



We had another fantastic year at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Synthetic Biology summer course! Led by James (universally voted a Rock STAR scientist by everyone at the course), we successfully delivered a thrilling module on characterizing genetic circuitry using cell-free TX-TL reactions. Actually I can’t thank James enough for all the hard work both before and during the course to make it a resounding success! Shown above is Kirsten, David, Lin, Khalid and Katherina all having an awesome time analyzing some data right off of the plate reader. (James and Eddie Zhao featured in the back.) Note the course t-shirt featuring Yoda with a DNA light saber.

We also had a ton of fun interacting with the guest speakers, including Vincent Noireaux who stayed almost the whole second week and even got in the lab to help students out with their own TX-TL projects! In fact everyone at the course is thrilled that Vincent is going to return as an instructor in 2016, guaranteeing that TX-TL will live on at the course!

Check out the course website with more details, especially the blog with great coverage of all the speakers and projects that happened during the course. Also tell your friends and colleagues as we are already preparing for 2016!

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