Get our plasmids from the Lucks Lab AddGene Page!

The Lucks Lab now officially has an Addgene page!

Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository that promotes sharing of life sciences research materials through their distribution system. We have greatly benefited from easy access to the explosion of molecular tools out there which has really helped us accelerate our research! If you have never heard of Addgene before, check out their intro video. Basically instead of having to contact corresponding authors for plasmids (and having to wait for someone to figure out where that one box containing the unlabeled tube in the -80 is …), you can go on Addgene’s website and search for the plasmids. If you find what you want, it’s a simple process to order it up and in a few days you’ll get plasmids in the mail. Addgene even does their own QC so that you know what you are getting is what you are expecting, and they will handle any Material Transfer Agreements for you if you want to deposit plasmids with intellectual property on them.

We are just getting started depositing our plasmids. Right now you can get the in-cell SHAPE-Seq backbone plasmids from Addgene so you can started probing your own RNA structures in cells!

Follow our page for updates on when new plasmids get deposited!

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