Postdoc position open for studying RNA cotranscriptional folding.

We are seeking a creative and enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher to lead a project to map nascent RNA structure as part of multiple efforts sponsored by the NIH. Recently our laboratory created co- transcriptional SHAPE-Seq which uses chemical probing and next-generation sequencing to map the structure of nascent RNAs at single-nucleotide resolution during active transcription (Watters, Strobel, et al. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (2016) doi: 10.1038/nsmb.3316). We are looking for postdoctoral researchers to become team leaders in pushing this technology in profound ways to answer long-standing questions concerning how cotranscriptional folding impacts fundamental cellular processes.


What we are looking for: The Lucks Laboratories provide a highly energetic, multidisciplinary, and collaborative research group working at the bleeding edge of RNA biology. We are looking for people from a wide array of backgrounds (molecular biology, genetics, systems biology, chemical engineering, bioengineering, biophysics, and more) who are driven to creatively tackle fascinating and challenging problems in RNA biology. Specific skills that are desired (but not required) include facility with next-generation sequencing protocols and data analysis, and biophysical modeling of RNA structure. Our close link to biologists at Northwestern and the University of Chicago enable technology developments to be applied to answer big impact biological questions. Current post- doctoral researchers have come from biochemistry/molecular biology backgrounds and have flourished.

Start Date: As soon as possible.
To apply: Contact Professor Lucks directly at jblucks [at] northwestern [dot] edu if you are interested in applying. Please include a cover letter and a CV with names and contact information for references.

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