Adam’s paper on “Deconstructing Cell-Free Extract Preparation” now published at ACS Syn Bio!

Adam Silverman’s paper, “Deconstructing Cell-Free Extract Preparation for in Vitro Activation of Transcriptional Genetic Circuitry,” is now published in ACS Synthetic Biology!


Cell-free extract preparation protocols result in varying levels of performance, particularly when using native transcriptional machinery.


The manuscript, a collaboration with the Jewett lab, uncovers the relationship behind the methods for producing bacterial extracts for cell-free protein synthesis and the extracts’ protein productivity in vitro. Adam’s work finds that the method used to create extract matters a lot, particularly for proteins expressed using native bacterial transcriptional machinery! Also included: a very useful and detailed technical note to help other labs adopt cell-free protein synthesis techniques for their own.

Congrats Adam!

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