Matt and Walter win BTP Cluster Fellowships!

Congratulations to Lucks Lab graduate students Matthew Verosloff and Walter Thavarajah for winning Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) Cluster Fellowships!

The Northwestern Biotechnology Training Program is an interdepartmental program that promotes interdisciplinary education in biotechnology. Cluster members benefit from 6 months of funding support, networking opportunities with academic and industrial leaders in biotechnology, seminars on various aspects of biotechnology, an annual practicum providing “hands-on” training in biotechnology techniques, and opportunities to present at monthly Biotechnology Research in Progress meetings.

Matt, a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Program, plans to use support from this grant to work on enabling novel schematics to democratize point-of-care diagnostics. Walter, a PhD student in Chemical and Biological Engineering, plans to engineer riboswitches for point-of-use biosensing. Congratulations Matt and Walter!

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