Congratulations to James Chappell! Now a Professor at Rice University!

James Chappell

Congratulations to one of the first postdocs of the Lucks Lab, Dr. James Chappell, on starting his lab at Rice University! James joins the BioSciences department at Rice as an assistant professor, where he’ll be focused on creating RNA regulators of gene expression, exploring the portability of these regulators in bacteria domain, performing signal processing with synthetic genetic circuits and using RNA-based tools to perform functional genomics. Read his group’s research statement here.

As a final goodbye, the entire Lucks et al. crew got together and headed to “Medieval Times” for a dark-age dinner with a spot of “jousting, horsemanship & falconry.”

Lucks Lab at Medieval Times


Congratulations again to “Sir James Chappell!” We wish you all the best on your path forward!

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