Angela Yu wins best talk award at the Rustbelt RNA Meeting!

Several members of the Lucks Lab RNA structure team recently travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2017 Rustbelt RNA Meeting (RRM).

Julius Lucks and members of the Lucks Lab posing somewhere in Indianapolis.

RRM is described as a “regional scientific meeting that gathers scientists from throughout the Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic United States to discuss RNA-related biomedical research.” RRM places a large focus on sharing ideas, fostering collaborations, and giving trainees a platform to present their work to the broader community.

Angela Yu, PhD candidate, presented her work on Day 1 of the meeting, within the “Integrative Approaches in RNA Biology” session. Her talk focused on her work towards the computational reconstruction of RNA folding pathways and featured some mind-bending animations of RNA folding in three dimensions that were generated in collaboration with Alan Chen’s lab! As PhD candidate Paul Carlson put it, “it was the most impressed audience to ever witness an RNA animation, period.”

Angela Yu, PhD candidate, presenting at RRM 2017.

Paul Carlson, PhD candidate, also presented at RRM. His work on “De novo Design of Transcriptional and Translational RNA Repressors” was presented during the poster session and was well received.

After a full weekend of workshops and talks focused on nature’s finest biopolymer (RNA, of course), the Lucks Lab topped off their trip with some recognition! Angela Yu won the award for best talk!! Pictured below is Angela receiving the award from the keynote speaker and distinguished guest, Dr. Christopher B. Burge, Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Angela Yu receiving the Best Talk award at RRM 2017!

Congratulations Angela!

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