Kirsten and Walter join the lab!

The Lucks Lab is excited to (belatedly) announce that Kirsten Jung and Walter Thavarajah have joined the lab! Both Kirsten and Walter are Ph.D. students in Northwestern’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Walter and Kirsten – the newest members of the Lucks Lab team!

Kirsten joins us after completing her bachelors in Chemical Engineering with a minor in music (piano/oboe) from Columbia University in the City of New York. As an undergrad, Kirsten gained research experience through iGEM and working in the Banta Lab. Kirsten enjoys cooking (favorite food = soup noodles like pho) and travelling. Long term, she’d like to¬†educate the public about synthetic biology and change the perspectives people have about engineering biology.

Walter completed his undergraduate work in Bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego. Walter worked in the labs of Todd Coleman and Joseph Wang, and also founded UCSD’s 2015 iGEM team. He was once 15 feet away from President Obama and didn’t realize it. His initials cause everyone in the lab to second guess whether they are working with a wild type or Walter Thavarajah sample.

Welcome to the lab!

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