Rebecca Rasmussen joins the lab!

The Lucks Lab welcomes Rebecca Rasmussen to the lab! Rebecca is a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences graduate program and will be co-advised with the O’Halloran lab. Rebecca completed her undergraduate work at Northern Illinois University with a double major in Chemistry-Biochemistry and Music Performance. As an undergrad, Rebecca engineered and characterized single-variable domains from heavy chain (VHH) antibodies and spent a summer as an undergraduate research fellow at the Mayo Clinic working on the immunological detection of light chain amyloidosis. She’s interested in connecting biochemistry and molecular biophysics to study metal regulation mechanisms in bacteria, including the structure:function of RNA involved in those processes.

Fun facts: Rebecca was a figure skater for 12 years, she enjoys composing contemporary classical music, and she once won a cheesecake eating contest at Eli’s Cheesecake Factory!


Welcome to the lab Rebecca!

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