Anibal joins the lab!

The Lucks Lab welcomed another new lab member in 2022: Anibal Arce Medina! He has a degree in Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. During his time in college, he participated in an exchange program at the University of California, Davis for two quarters.

In his previous work, Anibal developed low-cost protocols and reagents that increased the accessibility and stability of cell-free transcription-translation coupled reactions. He also designed novel RNA toehold sensors for the potato virus Y (PVY). At Northwestern, he plans to study the FMN riboswitch (responsible for controlling the genes involved in flavin mono nucleotide homeostasis) and its response to natural ligands and antibiotics. He wants to address the folding pathways upon interacting with these molecules and the mechanisms behind antibiotic evasion. He also wants to be involved in projects that leverage the knowledge produced in the lab to seek novel biological functions and applications.

Fun fact: Anibal really loves music. He enjoys Latin rhythm dances like salsa, concerts and live music, and the guitar.

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