Tyler Lucci Joins the Lab!

Tyler Lucci, a chemical engineering PhD student, is joining the Lucks lab! Tyler earned his B.S. from SUNY Buffalo in 2016 and completed the M.S.CEP program at MIT in 2017. Tyler then joined Corning Incorporated where he worked as a chemical process engineer. At Corning, Tyler studied ion exchange for glass article strengthening, including theContinue reading “Tyler Lucci Joins the Lab!”

Edric Choi Joins the Lab!

Edric Choi, an Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences PhD student, is joining the Lucks lab! As an undergraduate, he worked on characterizing structural features and folding dynamics of the S. enterica htrA RNA thermometer using SHAPE. He then joined the Gopalan Lab at Ohio State University, where he studied conformational switching in mitochondrial tRNAs associated with disease and developedContinue reading “Edric Choi Joins the Lab!”

Dylan Brown Joins the Lab!

Dylan Brown, a Chemical Engineering PhD student, is joining the Lucks lab! As an undergraduate, he worked with Dr. David Whitten studying the antimicrobial activity of polyelectrolytes. At North Carolina State University, he worked with Dr. Amy Grunden and Dr. Joel Pawlak. There, he optimized organic acid production of a bacterial species using pulp andContinue reading “Dylan Brown Joins the Lab!”

Jenni Li Joins the Lab!

The Lucks lab would like to welcome Chemical & Biological Engineering PhD student Jenni Li! Before graduate school, she earned a B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. She worked in Hang Lu’s lab at Georgia Tech on studying C. elegans’ whole-brain dynamics and single-cell responses to aerosols on microfluidics platforms.Continue reading “Jenni Li Joins the Lab!”

Charlotte Knopp joins the lab as a lab manager!

Please join the Lucks lab in welcoming Charlotte Knopp as a lab manager! Before joining the Lucks Lab, Charlotte worked in the University of Chicago’s Cellular and Tissue Based Processing cGMP Facility producing cancer vaccines and other cellular products for clinical trials. She earned a B.A. Biological Sciences from Mount Holyoke College. Her undergraduate honorsContinue reading “Charlotte Knopp joins the lab as a lab manager!”

Chemical and Biological Engineering Department Recognizes Adam for Outstanding Research!

Graduate student Adam Silverman was selected as a 2020 Distinguished Graduate Researcher Award runner-up from the Northwestern University Chemical and Biological Engineering Department! Each year, one winner and two runner-up students are selected for this award based on excellence in research. With this honor, Adam presented his research at the department retreat. Congratulations!

David and Laura earn fellowships!

Congratulations to rising second-year Lucks lab graduate students David Bushhouse and Laura Hertz on winning fellowships! David is receiving the Molecular Biophysics Training Program training grant, and Laura is receiving the Biotechnology Training Program training grant. The Molecular Biophysics Training Program is an NIH-funding program that offers predoctoral students diverse training and career development activities,Continue reading “David and Laura earn fellowships!”

Our ROSALIND paper is published and featured in Northwestern Now!

Our most recent paper, “Cell-free biosensors for rapid detection of water contaminants,” is now published in Nature Biotechnology! This work has also been featured in Northwestern Now! In this paper, Lucks lab members Kirsten, Khalid, and Matt developed a novel biosensing platform called ROSALIND (RNA Output Sensors Activated by Ligand Induction). ROSALIND is an inContinue reading “Our ROSALIND paper is published and featured in Northwestern Now!”