Three Grad Students Join the Lab!

The Lucks lab is excited to welcome three new graduate students to the lab this academic year: Chloé Archuleta, David Bushhouse, and Laura Hertz! Chloé is a the Chemical and Biological Engineering PhD program, and David in Laura are in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS) PhD program.

In her undergraduate research at Colorado School of the Mines, Chloé studied linker effects of MOFs using computational methods, worked on a microfluidic device to model vascular injury, and engineered the protein Factor VIII for hemophilia research. At Northwestern, she plans to develop biosensors for point-of-care diagnostics relevant to human health. In her free time, she likes to discover new music, embroider, and binge funny TV shows. Fun fact: when she worked at Starbucks during college, she broke the store record for most number of drinks made in a half hour (60!).

As an undergraduate at Hampden-Sydney College in Central VA, David studied the FOXC2 transcription factor for its role in melanoma tumor progression and metastasis. At Northwestern, he plans to investigate the role of programmed transcriptional pausing on nascent RNA folding and riboswitch function. Fun facts: he enjoys learning languages and making rugs. He also spent the summer before graduate school living at a monastery in Upstate NY breeding German shepherds.

At Case Western Reserve University, Laura performed undergraduate research on a lipid delivery system for microRNAs to treat metastasized breast cancer. She then completed two years of research at the NIH, where she studied cellular mechanisms, primarily microRNAs, involved in Hepatitis C infection. In the Lucks lab, she plans to investigate how structural components of a transcriptional riboswitch effect its co-transcriptional switching mechanism. Her hobbies are planning social events, mentoring, theatre, and traveling. Fun fact: she completed a 6-week solo backpacking trip through SE Asia the summer before grad school.

Welcome to the lab, Chloé, David, and Laura!

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