Edric Choi Joins the Lab!

Edric Choi, an Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences PhD student, is joining the Lucks lab! As an undergraduate, he worked on characterizing structural features and folding dynamics of the S. enterica htrA RNA thermometer using SHAPE. He then joined the Gopalan Lab at Ohio State University, where he studied conformational switching in mitochondrial tRNAs associated with disease and developed a fluorescence-based activity assay for RNase P. As part of the Lucks Lab, he aims to harness deep learning to advance current approaches to RNA structure prediction and design. Currently, he’s focused on maximizing quantitative information from chemical probing reactivities.

His hobbies include basketball, biking, swimming, photography, and traveling. Fun fact: If I were not doing research, I would either be a racecar driver or a filmmaker. Welcome to the lab, Edric! It was great mentoring you during your rotation and I look forward to all our science and musical discussions in the future.

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