Tyler Lucci Joins the Lab!

Tyler Lucci, a chemical engineering PhD student, is joining the Lucks lab! Tyler earned his B.S. from SUNY Buffalo in 2016 and completed the M.S.CEP program at MIT in 2017. Tyler then joined Corning Incorporated where he worked as a chemical process engineer. At Corning, Tyler studied ion exchange for glass article strengthening, including theContinue reading “Tyler Lucci Joins the Lab!”

Edric Choi Joins the Lab!

Edric Choi, an Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences PhD student, is joining the Lucks lab! As an undergraduate, he worked on characterizing structural features and folding dynamics of the┬áS. enterica┬áhtrA RNA thermometer using SHAPE. He then joined the Gopalan Lab at Ohio State University, where he studied conformational switching in mitochondrial tRNAs associated with disease and developedContinue reading “Edric Choi Joins the Lab!”