Adam’s paper on “Deconstructing Cell-Free Extract Preparation” now published at ACS Syn Bio!

Adam Silverman’s paper, “Deconstructing Cell-Free Extract Preparation for in Vitro Activation of Transcriptional Genetic Circuitry,” is now published in ACS Synthetic Biology!     The manuscript, a collaboration with the Jewett lab, uncovers the relationship behind the methods for producing bacterial extracts for cell-free protein synthesis and the extracts’ protein productivity in vitro. Adam’s work findsContinue reading “Adam’s paper on “Deconstructing Cell-Free Extract Preparation” now published at ACS Syn Bio!”

Adam passes his PhD candidacy exam!

Congratulations to Adam Silverman on passing his Chemical and Biological Engineering PhD candidacy exam! Adam was the first Northwestern student to join the lab (excluding the Cornell graduate students who transferred to NU). Congrats!

Lucks Lab wins a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration Grant

The Lucks Lab is pleased to announce that they are recipients of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration Grant. This award is designed to inspire novel research projects aimed at improving global living standards. The Gates foundation is seeking to support Dr. Lucks and his group in their work developing robust andContinue reading “Lucks Lab wins a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration Grant”

Our Cell Snapshot on RNA structure probing is published!

Paul, Molly, Angela, and Eric’s survey of RNA structure probing technologies is out in Cell! This “Snapshot” piece is a short, easy-to-digest overview of the field of RNA structure probing. It provides an intro to the chemical probing workflow and the concept of “reactivity”, an overview of commonly-used chemical probes, and highlights the wide arrayContinue reading “Our Cell Snapshot on RNA structure probing is published!”

Adam Silverman wins TA award!

Adam Silverman is a recipient of the 2018 John Thodos Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. This annual award is given to three graduate students in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department after nominations from students and faculty. Way to go, Adam!

Kirsten wins BTP fellowship!

Congratulations Kirsten Jung, a Chemical and Biological Engineering PhD student in the lab, for winning a Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) fellowship. The Northwestern Biotechnology Training Program is an interdepartmental program that provides select graduate students with greater research and training opportunities than those available through the individual departments. It promotes interdisciplinary education in biotechnology, interactionsContinue reading “Kirsten wins BTP fellowship!”

Rebecca awarded CLP predoctoral fellowship!

Congratulations to Rebecca Rasmussen, a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Graduate Program who is co-advised by Julius B. Lucks and Thomas V. O’Halloran, on winning a CLP predoctoral fellowship! The Chemistry of Life Processes Predoctoral Training Program, a Chemistry:Biology Interface Program of the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), integrates biology and chemistryContinue reading “Rebecca awarded CLP predoctoral fellowship!”

Matthew Verosloff named CMIDD Scholar

The Lucks Lab is excited to announce that graduate student Matthew Verosloff has been named a Northwestern University Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery Scholar. The CMIDD Scholar award is “designed to highlight students with demonstrated ability to achieve and contribute” and “whose research explores the impact of chemistry on life sciences.” CMIDD and MilliporeSigmaContinue reading “Matthew Verosloff named CMIDD Scholar”

Our Nature Reviews Genetics Piece on High-Throughput Structure Determination is Out!

We were recently invited to write a review on High-Throughput RNA Structure Determination by Nature Review Genetics and it just came out – congratulations to Eric and Angela! This was a great opportunity to revisit all of the powerful innovations that have happened in high throughput RNA structure determination throughout the years. For those newContinue reading “Our Nature Reviews Genetics Piece on High-Throughput Structure Determination is Out!”