Kirsten wins BTP fellowship!

Congratulations Kirsten Jung, a Chemical and Biological Engineering PhD student in the lab, for winning a Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) fellowship. The Northwestern Biotechnology Training Program is an interdepartmental program that provides select graduate students with greater research and training opportunities than those available through the individual departments. It promotes interdisciplinary education in biotechnology, interactionsContinue reading “Kirsten wins BTP fellowship!”

Rebecca awarded CLP predoctoral fellowship!

Congratulations to Rebecca Rasmussen, a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Graduate Program who is co-advised by Julius B. Lucks and Thomas V. O’Halloran, on winning a CLP predoctoral fellowship! The Chemistry of Life Processes Predoctoral Training Program, a Chemistry:Biology Interface Program of the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), integrates biology and chemistryContinue reading “Rebecca awarded CLP predoctoral fellowship!”

Matthew Verosloff named CMIDD Scholar

The Lucks Lab is excited to announce that graduate student Matthew Verosloff has been named a Northwestern University Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery Scholar. The CMIDD Scholar award is “designed to highlight students with demonstrated ability to achieve and contribute” and “whose research explores the impact of chemistry on life sciences.” CMIDD and MilliporeSigmaContinue reading “Matthew Verosloff named CMIDD Scholar”

Our Nature Reviews Genetics Piece on High-Throughput Structure Determination is Out!

We were recently invited to write a review on High-Throughput RNA Structure Determination by Nature Review Genetics and it just came out – congratulations to Eric and Angela! This was a great opportunity to revisit all of the powerful innovations that have happened in high throughput RNA structure determination throughout the years. For those newContinue reading “Our Nature Reviews Genetics Piece on High-Throughput Structure Determination is Out!”

Eric wins talk award at FASEB’s Machine on Genes!

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Strobel, a Lucks Lab postdoc, on winning a short talk award on the FASEB “Machines on Genes” conference in Snowmass, Colorado! Eric gave a short 15 minute talk on his latest work from the lab, titled “Folding and Function of a ZTP Riboswitch.” Congrats!

Rebecca Rasmussen joins the lab!

The Lucks Lab welcomes Rebecca Rasmussen to the lab! Rebecca is a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences graduate program and will be co-advised with the O’Halloran lab. Rebecca completed her undergraduate work at Northern Illinois University with a double major in Chemistry-Biochemistry and Music Performance. As an undergrad, Rebecca engineered and characterized single-variableContinue reading “Rebecca Rasmussen joins the lab!”

Our paper on RNA negative autoregulation is now published!

Research led by Lucks’ Lab PhD candidate Chelsea Hu was recently published in ACS Synthetic biology. The article, “Engineering a Functional Small RNA Negative Autoregulation Network with Model-Guided Design” expanded the repertoire of synthetic gene networks built from RNA regulators by constructing a transcriptional negative autoregulation (NAR) network out of small RNAs (sRNAs). NAR networkContinue reading “Our paper on RNA negative autoregulation is now published!”

A New Faculty Member in the Family – Melissa Takahashi to Join Cal State Northridge!

Welcome Professor Takahashi to Cal State Northridge! The Takahashi lab will focus on uncovering principles of RNA regulation in bacteria and make new tools for engineering bacteria and antimicrobials. For a blast from the past, Melissa was formative in many the investigations into RNA gene regulation when the lab was itself in its nascent state:Continue reading “A New Faculty Member in the Family – Melissa Takahashi to Join Cal State Northridge!”

Cameron’s latest work is now published online at Metabolic Engineering!

Research led by Lucks’ Lab PhD candidate Cameron Glasscock was recently published in Metabolic Engineering. The article, “A flow cytometric approach to engineering Escherichia coli for eukaryotic protein glycosylation,” was the result of a collaboration with the DeLisa lab at Cornell to develop a flow cytometry assay capable of rapidly screening variants of the eukaryoticContinue reading “Cameron’s latest work is now published online at Metabolic Engineering!”

Our first DARPA Biological Control Modeling Paper is Published!

Congratulations to Alex and the whole biological control team on getting our first modeling paper published in ACS Synthetic Biology! In this paper Deepak and Xun, with the help of Alex, Ryan and Colin, lead the team on developing simple models for CRISPR interference transcriptional repression and transcriptional activation with STARs and showed how theseContinue reading “Our first DARPA Biological Control Modeling Paper is Published!”